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Become an Abassador

Become an Abassador



Are you a bikini lover? Do you have a great social media presence? If you answered yes, then the Frankies Bikinis Affiliate Program is perfect for you. We are looking for confident and enthusiastic #Frankiesgirls to represent our brand worldwide. 

It's easy, sign up for the program and start making money every-time someone orders using your link!

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    How do I become a Frankies Bikinis affiliate?

    Frankies Bikinis offers affiliate programs via ShareASale, RewardStyle, and Skimlinks. We recommend RewardStyle if you are new to affiliate programs and ShareASale for more advanced affiliates. 

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    I'm signed up, now what?  

    1. Log into the ShareASale portal to find your personal referral URL for Frankies Bikinis. Note: You will need to be approved by the Frankies Bikinis affiliate team before you can access your referral url. Please allow 48 hours for the approval process to be complete. 
    2. Share the link with all your friends and followers. Add to IG stories as swipe up to shop feature, or link in your blog.
    3. Anytime someone purchases with your URL, you’ll receive commission (of the purchase price, before taxes & shipping). Commission will be paid via the ShareASale portal.


    How do I promote my referral link? 

    There are so many ways! Sharing with your friends is easy - send your link via text to your besties to check out the brand and share why you love Frankies Bikinis. Our ambassadors also love to post photos along with their link to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or put it in their bio. 


    How do I get paid?

    You will be paid via your ShareASale and Magic Links accounts. All commissions and referred sales are tracked directly in the affiliate portals, simply login to your account to view your commissions. 


    Do I get free bikinis?

    We don't offer free bikinis to affiliates, all commissions are paid in cash - which you can use to buy more bikinis ;)


    Will I receive a discount? 

    Select affiliates may receive a discount code to use on the website during specific promotion periods. Eligibility depends on affiliate performance. You can visit our discounts page to see a list of current promotions available to share with your followers. 


    For questions or inquiries email us at