Clean, Natural Beauty for a Sun-Kissed Look

As the weather starts to get warmer nearing summer, the need for clean beauty products that will give you a natural glow and also nourish your skin is in high demand. Who What Wear's beauty editor detailed her beauty go-to's that she reaches for to achieve this look while also repairing her skin from the constant sun exposure, and included in her list is Frankies Bikinis Beauty Glow Tint. She states that "this is the newest addition to her beauty routine that she didn't know she needed, but now can't live without". - a key factor in this being the fact that this product is multi-use and works on your eyes, cheeks and lips to provide a natural flushed pigment to your skin as desired. Check out the rest of her beauty go-to's here, and be sure to check out our glow tint for yourself!