Hannah Rathbun

Frankies Girl Hannah Rathbun
Hannah Rathbun

Meet our #FrankiesGirl of the Month Hannah Rathbun from MTV’s ‘Are You the One?’ Hannah fell in love on the show with boyfriend Zak Longo and won the $50K prize. Since leaving the show they are living in LA and making hilarious videos together for Youtube and Instagram. . Get to know our Frankies girl of the month Hannah below in our exclusive interview!

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Name: Hannah Rathbun

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Where are you from?

Syracuse, NY

Hannah Rathbun - Marley Bikini - Frankies Bikinis

Describe yourself in 3 words:  

 Intuitive, loving, and adventurous.

Favorite Frankies Swimsuit? 

Ugh the Lilah is to die for, I love a sexy one piece. 


What's your dream destination to wear your Frankies bikini?

I would love to wear my Frankies bikinis in Thailand, I’m putting it on my 2017 to do list.


white and blue floral bikini set


What are your beach essentials?

A big blanket, my cocooil SPF, speaker for music & my boyfriend (cause who else is gunna kiss me and take my beach pics?)


How would you describe your style?

My style is ever changing, some days I go for a grungy 90’s look and other days I dress like a Chanel from Scream Queens


How did you get on MTV’s reality TV show ‘Are You The One?

I was watching season 2 and a commercial came on about applying to be on the next season, so I sent in some pics and I was called by MTV the next day! 


Hannah Rathbun - Stella Bikini - Frankies Bikinis

What was it like filming ‘Are You The One?’

It was actually really stressful. I gained around 15 pounds during filming, I didn’t even look like myself.


Why did you decide to go on the show?

 I went on the show because I had an urge to push myself out of my comfort zone and go do something crazy…whats crazier than moving to Hawaii to film a MTV show? I also was not having any success dating in Syracuse and I was ready for the potential of a relationship.


Did you ever expect to meet anyone you would have a romantic connection with on the show?

I really did not think it was possible, which made it even more amazing. 

Hannah Rathbun - Mimi Top - Frankies Bikinis

You met your boyfriend Zak Longo on ‘Are You The One?’ What do you guys like to do together on your days off?

 I love to force him to drive 45 minutes to my favorite ice cream place even though he’s lactose intolerant ( best BF ever) We also love to just sit on the couch with no pants and thai food while we watch entire seasons of shows… he’s my best friend. 


You often star in your boyfriend’s hilarious videos. What is your favorite one? Do you enjoy acting?

My favorite one is “When bae posts a sexy pic on insta so you police that sh*t” which is just a visual representation of him warding off creepy guys on my Instagram pictures, I think its so cute when he’s a little protective. I also never even realized that I was acting until someone told me my acting was getting better haha, I was like wait what? I just enjoy being silly with Zak and helping him do what he loves to do. 


What is the funniest thing your boyfriend has ever said or done to you?

A couple weeks ago he made me wear these giant stick on eyebrows for a video, I was annoyed with him about something but neither of us could take me seriously with the eyebrows stuck to my face LOL.

Hannah Rathbun - Lilah One Piece - Frankies Bikinis

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?

“How Bizarre” by OMC


How do you maintain your beach bod?

If were being honest I’m still trying to figure that out… I lost the weight I gained from the show by eating small  healthy meals throughout the day and pretty much only eating salmon for dinner.


Beauty essentials?

High quality moisturizer, Too Faced bronzer, and a good highlighter.


Hannah Rathbun - Marley Bikini - Frankies Bikinis


Favorite Thanksgiving dish and tradition?

Thanksgiving was never really a big thing for my family but my dad makes a really amazing pot roast and green bean casserole which I LOVE. 


What will you be most thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I’m thankful that I have an amazing healthy family and that I wake up next to the man I love everyday. 

 Hannah Rathbun - Stella Top & Shiloh Bottom - Frankies Bikinis

What is next for you?

Having a social media following is so new to me still, So I’m trying to see where I can go with it but I know the possibilities are endless.


Keep up with Hannah!

Instagram: @hannah_rathbunn


Photos: Clint Padilla  

Hannah Rathbun - Mimi Bottoms - Frankies Bikinis 

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