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Who is the #FrankiesGirl?


Meet our #FrankiesGirl of the month 23-year-old model, animal lover, and all around babe Kyra Santoro. You might have seen her gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Maxim, or Seventeen magazines and that is just the beginning for this beauty. We love her down-to-earth humble personality, and that she is a total killer on a wakeboard. Find out more about Kyra below and click on the photos to shop her looks!

Name: Kyra Santoro

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Describe yourself in 3 words: Goofy, outgoing, driven

Favorite Frankies Swimsuit?
The Malia because it's the perfect wrap top

What's in your beach bag?
A speaker, sunscreen, and a baseball cap

What are your top 5 songs for summer?
I'll basically be listening to the new drake album all summer, I can't pick just 5 songs! 

Favorite place to wear your Frankies Bikinis?
My favorite place to wear my Frankies bikinis is either Miami or Hawaii, my favorite vacation spot is the Bahamas because of the beautiful water

Do you have any beach beauty tips for us?
During summer I only wear tinted moisturizer with spf 30 and a touch of mascara, for my hair I let it air dry with a little sea salt spray. Best beauty tip for summer is keep it natural

You closed out the last Frankies Bikinis Miami Swim Week fashion show, what was that like?
Closing the show was such an amazing feeling that I will remember forever. I started crying when Francesca told me because any model knows it's an honor to close a runway show. I have worked with the brand for so long and I was grateful that she wanted me to walk out with her. 

You graced the pages of the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, what was it like shooting for SI and how did it feel seeing yourself in the Magazine?
Everyone that is friends with me knows that Sports Illustrated is my dream job. When I found out I booked it I was almost in disbelief and shock. It wasn't until I was actually shooting it that I registered I was going to be in the magazine. Seeing the pictures for the first time was so surreal, I just broke down crying and thanked MJ the editor for making my dreams come true. The feeling of accomplishing a long time goal is unlike anything in this world for me. 

We hear you’re a skilled rapper, can you freestyle a line for us?
Hahahah! I am skilled in the art of lyric memorization and karaoke. If you're friends with me you also know this! I know the words to pretty much every song, and if I don't know the words I can listen to the song about 10 times and know every word. It's one of my special skills. 

What are your favorite extreme sports and how did you get into them?
My favorite extreme sport has to be wake boarding because it's the one I'm best at. I grew up doing a lot of extreme sports because I had adrenaline junkies for parents. I was on a dirt bike, skateboard, wakeboard and surfboard before the age of 8.

What else do you do to get your beach body?
I switch off between reformer Pilates, hot yoga, Barry's bootcamp and a personal trainer. When I travel a lot it's hard for me to have a set workout routine so I have to constantly mix it up to stay in shape.

What are your go-to healthy snacks and what is your favorite indulgence? 
Go to healthy snacks are mixed nuts and protein bars. It's the easiest snack and since I'm always working or in my car I need something fast but not unhealthy. My favorite indulgence is sour candy, I have the worst sweet tooth! 

What’s Next for you?
Fingers crossed to hopefully being in Sports Illustrated again next year, and just moving up in my career and doing more magazines and campaigns. Stay tuned :)

Keep up with Kyra on Instagram @Kyrasantoroxx

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