Travel Diary: Bahamas

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw our recent destination shoot in the beautiful Bahamas. Have you ever been? It’s absolute magic. We’ve been there countless times for our yearly resort swim photoshoot. Relaxing? Yes. Stunning? Absolutely! But this time we wanted to switch it up... no plans, no schedules, just us and the island.

We've all been lost before; that feeling of discomfort where you don't know or can't seem to find your way. But what if being lost could also be comfortable? Losing time, losing your cares and worries, unplugging from your cell. That is where our real journey began. The result - the Frankies Bikinis Resort 2020 Swimwear Collection.




Our Favorite Place to Stay: Pink Sands Resort

Ok, ok we admit we enjoyed the luxuries of Pink Sands Resort. But it's not your typical, upscale, tourist destination. With miles of winding paths hidden in tropical vegetation, untouched private beaches with pink sand, and villas with their own private oasis - the resort was the perfect place to get lost. Basically, if you ever have the chance to stay at this gem, do yourself the favor. 



Best Island Cocktail: Goombay Smash

Our local haunt after a long day of shooting was the Blue Bar located above the picturesque pink sands. We got a local tip to order the Goombay Smash and didn't hesitate to order. Coincidently the drink was the perfect pop of color to accessorize with my new high waist bikini. Try one out for yourself at home for a little taste of the island. Recipe Here.


A Bit of Adventure: Horseback Riding on the Beach

Majestic morning rides on the beach in my go-to triangle bikini is my new morning routine. 


horseback riding bahamas pink sands resort


Interact with the Local Wildlife: Pig Island

We were pretty confused (and giddy!) when we touched down on a remote private island and found turkeys and pigs roaming freely. Such a fun, adventurous touch to the trip! 

 frankies bikinis pig island bahamas



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Special thanks to Pink Sands Resort for hosting us!