Introducing: Frankies Bikinis SPF

Frankies Bikinis celebrated National Sunscreen Day in a major way! In the spirit of protecting and revitalizing your skin, Frankies Bikinis dropped two brand new sun products, our Everyday Mineral Sunscreen and After Sun Tan Enhancing Lotion. Your (vegan!) summer skin saviors. Our vegan SPF mineral sunscreen is here to protect your skin from the summer sun. Then our after sun tan enhancing moisturizer comes into play to rejuvenate and nourish your freshly sunkissed skin.


Frankies Bikinis has swimwear down to an art. From the start, our goal has been to create high-quality products that we love and know you’ll love too. Every product we make is designed for a life full of sun and fun. So it was only a matter of time until we released a sunscreen lotion to protect your skin when you’re living it up in your Frankies Bikini. We strive to create products that encourage a fun, easy-living atmosphere, and we know from experience how quickly a sunburn can kill the mood. 


Sunburns are the worst. It’s easy to underestimate the strength of the sun and expose yourself to harmful UV rays. But once you’ve been burned, you’ll never want to be burned again. Frankies Bikinis Everyday Mineral Sunscreen is about to be your new best friend. Take her with you everywhere and you’ll never deal with the pain, discomfort, and embarrassing look of a sunburn again. 


Our new Everyday Mineral Sunscreen was developed with you and your skin in mind. We set out to make the best sunscreen out there and we know this will be an essential product for your beach bag. This mineral sunscreen is made with vegan, cruelty-free ingredients and enriched with vitamins. Designed for your body and face, the lotion is nourishing and hydrating and features our signature light vanilla scent. Frankies Bikinis Everyday Mineral Sunscreen is available in Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and won’t leave a white cast when you apply. 


frankies bikinis mineral sunscreen spf 30


Our Frankies girls are going to absolutely flip over their new favorite sunscreen. The Everyday Mineral Sunscreen offers broad-spectrum and water-resistant protection. Not only will it shield you from those rays, but it also comes in the sweetest baby blue bottle that you can grab and go, whenever the sun is shining.


What Does SPF Mean? 

When talking about sunscreen, we’re used to hearing phrases like Broad Spectrum and SPF, but do we really know what they mean? What does SPF stand for? What Does “Broad Spectrum” Mean? Let’s break it down and buff up your knowledge on this life-saving miracle lotion. SPF is an acronym for “Sun Protection Factor” and the corresponding number indicates how well the sunscreen is protecting your skin against UVB rays from the sun. Beyond the SPF label, it’s important to make sure that the sunscreen you're using is “broad spectrum,” which protects against both types of UV light rays from the sun that actually reach the earth’s surface that can be harmful to your skin – UVA and UVB. UVA rays are strong enough to pass through window glass and penetrate deep into your skin, causing fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dark spots, thus aging your skin prematurely. UVB rays are the main culprit for causing the outer layers of your skin to burn, causing uncomfortable sunburns and tan lines.


How and Where do I Apply Sunscreen

Where should you apply sunscreen? Well, meet our SPF for face and body. Because bikini coverage varies and our Frankies girls love a skimpy suit. I mean, you’ve seen our Malibu Halter String Bikini Top. We recommend applying body sunscreen in the nude, before suiting up. Make sure to get every angle, and ask for help for those hard-to-reach areas. This vegan sunscreen is built for your face and body, so don’t miss a spot. Never forget SPF for your face. Two places that often get overlooked? Your lips and the tips of your ears! 


frankies bikinis spf collection featuring a mineral sunscreen for face and body and an after sun tan enhancing lotion 


How Often Should I Reapply Sunscreen?

If you age as flawlessly as Nicole Kidman, you should be using sunscreen every day! Timing is also one of the most important details to keep in mind! You should apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before your skin is exposed to the sun and continue to reapply at least every two hours, or immediately after swimming or working up a sweat. Apply our vegan sunscreen to face before you apply make-up. Our unique lotion moisturizes your face and acts as a perfect base before you apply your full glam. 


What Is The Best Sunscreen?

The best sunscreen is going to be the one that protects you from the sun without drying out your skin or being overly greasy. Our Everyday Mineral Sunscreen is enriched with vitamins and nutrients that will moisturize and feed your skin while protecting you from the sun. It’s not just important to drink water like it’s rosé on those hot days, but also to make sure your skin stays super hydrated. 

Frankies Bikinis was founded by Francesca Aiello with the mission of making the best, custom-made bikinis and now we’ve created an equally customized sunscreen just for you. Our vegan and reef-safe sunscreen is made up of a beauty-ready recipe helps protect your skin with the earth in mind. And we know how pesky tan lines can be. If you’re switching it up from, say, a bandeau to a strappy swimsuit, you will not want your tan lines to reveal the suit you flaunted yesterday. By continuously lathering on SPF throughout the day, you can minimize dramatic tan lines and redness. We aim to provide the best SPF moisturizer on the market and we can’t wait to see what you think! 

Sunscreen is only the beginning.  We understand that after a day in the sun, those hours afterward are vital to your skin. After-sun care is absolutely essential in the protection and preservation of your skin and face. This is exactly why we developed a product for you and your post-beach recovery hours. Frankies Bikinis’ new ultra-hydrating After Sun Tan Enhancing Lotion will refresh and rejuvenate your sun-kissed skin. Amino acids, green tea extract, and vitamin C keep skin looking vibrant while nutrient-rich oils and shea butter seal in hydration and suppleness. A skin-calming formula with a radiant, post-sun shine that may be used on the face and body. This ultra-hydrating after-sun lotion is formulated with nutrient-rich botanicals and vitamins to provide soothing hydration and an iridescent post-sun glow to your skin. 


frankies bikinis after sun tan enhancing lotion


Our vegan sunscreen for body and face will refresh your skin after sun exposure and help you keep your tan longer. Our After Sun Lotion gives your sun-kissed skin quick comfort and long-lasting moisture while also adding a subtle golden gloss to your tan. The lightweight blend of ultra-nourishing oils gives all-day hydration and shine, making it ideal for both the body and the face. Our After Sun Lotion works as a tan enhancer. It blends oils and vitamins to help smooth imperfections with an iridescent sheen and reduce the appearance of redness, creating an effortless, long-lasting glow. Seal in your tan, prevent fading, and hydrate your skin with this ultra-rich moisturizer that will leave your skin silky and smelling luxurious. After a long day of blissful sunshine, bring your skin back to life with Frankies Bikinis After Sun Tan Enhancing Lotion, our ultimate summer skin savior. 

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After sun exposure, this face and body lotion will rejuvenate your skin and help you maintain your tan for longer. Our After Sun Lotion provides immediate relief and long-lasting nourishment to sun-kissed skin while also imparting a slight golden shine to your tan. It's perfect for both the body and the face since the lightweight mixture of ultra-nourishing oils provides all-day hydration and shine. Our After Sun Lotion aids in the development of a tan. It combines oils and vitamins to provide an easy, long-lasting glow while soothing and relieving any redness from your day in the sun. 

When you come in from the sun, apply our After Sun Lotion liberally to enhance your tan while replenishing and repairing the skin. Massage onto your skin during your post-sun routine. Continue to use our After Sun Lotion daily to prolong your tan. 

Arriving just as the weather is warming up, Frankies Bikinis Everyday Mineral Sunscreen and After Glow Lotion will protect and nourish your skin through the epic summer of 2021. 


frankies bikinis vegan spf collection featuring sunscreen lotion and after sun lotion


Cop our Vegan Sun Care Lotion Set on now. The set includes our Everyday Mineral Sunscreen and After Sun Tan Enhancing Lotion, both in 150 mL bottles that you can bring with you wherever you go. The set includes a Frankies Bikinis branded neoprene travel bag in a bright yellow that will perfectly match the sunny summer ahead. 


Our Vegan Sun Care Lotion is available on our site for $45. 


For the end of a sunny day, pick up our After Sun Tan Enhancing Lotion for $40. 


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