Get Ready with Founder Francesca Aiello

Tomorrow morning, we launch beauty. To celebrate, we’re sharing the answers to one of Francesca Aiello’s most commonly asked questions: her everyday makeup look. Her minimal step routine for that effortless, Californian glow. As someone who is always on-the-go and pretty low maintenance in her beauty routine, founder and creative director Francesca Aiello wanted to create products that accompanied her lifestyle.


These three products are so easy to pack in your purse or beach bag and are essential to her daily beauty routine. You can wear them alone and re-apply as needed (if you’re at the beach and get out of the water, if you’re in between meetings and want to refresh or revamp your color, etc.) or you can incorporate them into your makeup routine by layering additional products while still achieving that natural, dewy look.



As someone with super sensitive skin that’s prone to allergic reactions, it was incredibly important to Francesca to create clean beauty products. They’re cruelty free, clinically tested, vegan, sulfate/paraben/gluten free, and contain zero artificial fragrance. In other words, they’re safe for all skin types.


This is her glow kit, ladies and gents. And this is how she uses it in her daily makeup look.