Sofia Richie 2019

Sofia Richie Bikini Collection

You might've caught the sneak peek of our highly anticipated new collaboration on the Sofia Richie instagram page this week. Now you can finally preview the entire lookbook and tie dye bikini collection.

"When dreaming up the perfect “it” girl to collaborate with, Sofia instantly came to mind - she exudes such confidence and femininity. Working with Sofia on this collection and then bringing it to life in our campaign shoot was a breeze. Our personal style and taste link up perfectly and I think that had something to do with the fact that we both grew up living the typical California girl lifestyle,” Francesca Aiello, Founder and Creative Director of Frankies Bikinis explains.

The 10 piece designer swimwear collection features a wide range of suits that tailors to a variety of body sizes and shapes, and this continues to shine through in this collection. From tops built to support larger or smaller busts, high and low cut bottom offerings, a variety of coverage options and more, this collection continues to offer styles that cater to the needs of every body.

“A big focus for us was making sure the silhouettes were flattering to different body shapes and sizes because no body is the same, and no swimsuit will fit everyone the same. Along with this, we thought it was also really important that we styled this campaign in a way that reflected my personal style - girly with a tomboy flare. Whether I am wearing baggy jeans with a fitted tank, oversized hoodie with bike shorts, or styling my swimwear with a pair of sweatpants and sneakers, I love to have that perfect mix of femininity and tomboy,” says Sofia Richie.