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Devon Carlson

Frankies Girl model Devon Carlson

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Meet our #FrankiesGirl of the Month, Devon Carlson. When she's not stuntin' her style on Instagram (@devonleecarlson), she's busy running Wildflower Cases! This lady boss cofounded the company alongside her sister when she was just 16 years old. She is an expert in style and design, and she's here to give us a little more insight into her exciting life! 

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Nickname: Dev or Devvy

Birthday: August 3rd :)


Where did you grow up? 

Newbury Park, CA


What's on top of your holiday wish list this year?

A furbo! It's a little video camera that you can spy on your dog with lol.


Would you rather spend the holidays in a cabin in the mountains or on a tropical island?

Tropical island!!!

ribbed fabric bikini

Would you rather live in a giant gingerbread house or ride on the polar express?

Omg definitely giant gingerbread house!


How are you planning on celebrating the holidays? Do you have any holiday traditions?

I always get together with my family at my parents' house and we all hang out around the fire and eat a whole lot of food.


What is your new year resolution?

To sit up straight! Lol.


What's the best Christmas present you have ever received?


bikini model photoshoot


What's the most badass thing you've ever done?

Nothing I'm such a scaredy cat...


Tell us a little bit about the mission behind Wildflower case.

Wildflower is a fun brand for anyone who wants to show their personality or personal style through a phone case! We really want to empower people to be positive and have fun and never turn down a good mirror pic opportunity. I truly believe we have a phone case for everyone to fit anyone's style!


How old were you when you co-founded Wildflower Cases? Was it ever tough being so young in the business world?

Wildflower started when I was 16 and my sister was 14. It was tough to get taken seriously and definitely put a damper on our friendships because we weren’t doing the normal things 16 or 14 year olds were doing. But in a way I felt like we had an upper hand in the business world because social media had just started to take over and my sister and I were so involved in that world that all the hours we spent on Myspace and Facebook worked in our advantage.


What’s it like working with your family? Has it brought you guys closer together?

100% I get to see my family almost everyday. It’s so nice getting to work through rough times together, but also getting to celebrate all the successes! It’s so rewarding and I feel very lucky.

Frankies Bikinis Greer top

Where do you see yourself and your business down the road in 10 years?

I see Wildflower taking over and having a worldwide presence. I’d love to get us involved in a lot more collaborations and expand our product line. I have no idea where I’ll be... Probably still working a lot and having like 15 dogs.


Wildflower’s success story is inspirational! What advice would you give to other young female entrepreneurs?

Always keep positive people around you. There is no need for negativity when starting a business!


Your case designs are so creative! How do you come up with them?

It’s always random! I usually find inspiration from clothing or shoes. It’s definitely a collaboration of mine and my sister’s styles.


Do you partake in holiday cooking? What’s your signature dish?

I’ve tried and failed lol. I like to stick with helping clean up the dishes after dinner and leaving the cooking to my aunts, mom and grandma.

 red one piece swimsuit


What is the most memorable holiday you had as a child?

Probably this one Christmas I got a life-size playhouse in our backyard and a bike from my grandparents, and I just remember thinking my life couldn’t get any better.


Describe yourself in three words.

Smiley, silly, and sassy.


Your Instagram pics provide fashion inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people! Where do you find your style inspo?

90's super models are definitely my main inspo, or my friends. I think Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Emily Ratajkowski have amazing style. I love when people express themselves through their style.


Why do you love Frankies?


How would you describe your style?

Comfortable but cute? Idk describing my style is hard because I feel like I’m all over the place. I definitely dress my mood.


What are your favorite items you have in your closet right now?

At the moment-- Sweat shirts and sweat pants. It’s finally getting cold so I’m able to whip those out! ;)


What is your favorite Frankies Bikini?


What’s your mantra?

Everything happens for a reason.


Do you have any holiday travel plans?

Not this year! I'll be spending most of my time with my whole fam at my parents' house. :)


Black bikini and black lotus flower bikini


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