Francesca Aiello's 25th Birthday + Her Exclusive Bikini Collection

Francesca Aiello turned 25 years old this month in the tropics surrounded by her closest friends and family. Dreamy, right? Not only that, she wanted to do something fun and exciting to be able to celebrate this milestone birthday with her Frankies Girls. To do so, she curated an exclusive tie dye bikini collection inspired by her favorite birthday cake: FUNFETTI. Which, who doesn’t love Funfetti cake? Cupcakes? Frosting? K, you get the picture. We’re obsessed. Aside from that, having grown up in Malibu, she took some additional inspiration from the nightly cotton candy sunset skies. Nothing quite like it. Put those two inspirations together and we have the Birthday Collection - featuring tie dye bikinis and our best-selling sweatsuits


Frankies Bikinis Funfetti Tie Dye Bikini and Sweatsuits from the Birthday Collection


Francesca grabbed her girls and jetsetted to Saint Barthelemy, a Caribbean island in the French West Indies known for its white-sand beaches and laid back luxury -- a tropical paradise, if you will. An important note for our fellow jetsetters - there are no direct flights to the island! So a decently long day of travel filled with layovers and puddle jumpers is something to make note of but definitely not to dissuade from the trip. It’s all worth it. You’ll see. They unpacked their bags at “a villa in Vitet,” Francesca Aiello, founder and owner of Frankies Bikinis explains, “it was the perfect location being only a 5 minute drive down to the beach.” Warning, droolworthy photos below.


Saint Barthelemy landscape photos from a Vitet Villa on Francesca Aiello birthday trip


The island is stacked with gorgeous restaurants, picture-perfect beaches, and high end boutiques. “My favorite lunch spot was Shellona - a gorgeous shell beach with an incredible shop to the side of the restaurant that we ended up doing some tipsy shopping at,” Francesca giggles. Aside from these cult favorite tie dye bikinis, stay tuned for the launch of the all-new tie dye silk pieces featured below in Francesca's Instagram post from Shellona. 



As for nights out, a fan favorite was Le Ti - where there is an ongoing Cabaret show during the entirety of your meal and where diners are welcomed (encouraged, even) to dance on the stage. It’s claimed to be a “right of passage” to the island and an absolute must if you’re visiting St Barts. Favorite activity? Renting a boat! Francesca said that “the best part was chartering a boat for a day to take us to various untouched beaches on the island like Gouverneur. It was a dream.” All the girls had their funfetti tie dye bikinis packed and ready for this day trip and the vision for the Birthday Collection really came together.


Francesca Aiello, founder and owner of Frankies Bikinis, celebrates her 25th birthday in Saint Barthelemy and releases the Birthday funfetti tie dye collection


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