#FrankiesGirl - Sofia Jamora

 #FrankiesGirl - Sofia Jamora 



Meet Sofia Jamora the Los Angeles based model that has skyrocketed to fame in the past year. After being discovered by the Frankies Bikinis founders while shopping at a trunk show, she has garnered the attention of LA's biggest brands and just finished a hugely successful Miami Swim Week walking in several shows including the Frankies Resort 2017 show! Get to know Sofia below in our exclusive interview!

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Name: Sofia Jamora
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Describe yourself in 3 words:  

Laid back, spontaneous, flirty

Top 3 things you can't go to the beach without? 

Tanning Oil, Bluetooth Speaker, My dog Sampson

Taylor Swift or Kanye West?


How many days per year would you guess you wear a bikini?

200 days



How did you get into modeling?

FRANKIES BIKINIS DISCOVERED ME! I was at a trunk show in Westlake at Kate and Lace, Mimi (co-founder of Frankies Bikinis) came up to me and asked me if I've ever modeled before and if I'd like to. From there I shot with Frankies and that opened up a whole bunch of opportunities for me! 


You've gained a large following very quickly for being relatively new in the modeling world, how has this whole experience been for you?

It came as a surprise to me. It's still very weird to wake up to more followers day by day but hopefully if I gain enough I could start promoting more charities and causes that are in need of attention as well as promoting my favorite brands. 

You looked so amazing walking the Frankies Bikinis Resort 2017 Fashion Show in Miami last week. What was your favorite suit from the new collection?

Ah thank you! It was a dream to walk the Frankies Bikinis show. I'm in love with the Stella, the new crochet bikini set which I can already see myself wearing all summer.

What was the scene like at the show? Any fun stories? 

The backstage scene was so exciting! All the girls were dancing and taking pictures, everyone was so excited to go on stage. One fun story from the show was running from a previous show with another model [Natalie Roser] to Frankies to get ready as fast as we could! In hair and make-up I was getting fanned by Spencer because I was so sweaty from running the make-up artist couldn't apply the foundation haha! 


What does a typical day in the life of Sofia Jamora look like?

Everyday, no matter what, starts out with some iced coffee and a croissant or hashbrowns. if I'm working I'm bumping some music on my drive, and if I'm not working you can catch me at the beach, by the pool, or hitting the gym. 


Being a bikini model we always see you globetrotting to the most beautiful beaches. What beach has been your favorite so far?

My favorite beach so far was Tulum, Mexico. It's about an hour away from Cancun and the sand was extremely clear white and the ocean was light turquoise. The weather was perfect and the ocean water was warm. I also noticed the culture around there is very eco-friendly and healthy. 


We love your natural looking beach waves, what are your hair styling tips for achieving the perfect wave?

The best way to achieve those beachy waves is voluminizing  powder, hairspray, and "the wand" heating tool. I spray hair spray first, curl all pieces starting from ear length, brush out the curls and add voluminizing powder to my roots!


What are your go-to healthy foods & your favorite indulgences?

My go-to's on healthy food is the green juices with ginger from Erewhon, avocado on wheat toast, raw almonds, and baked salmon. My favorite indulgences can go on forever, but to get an idea I love all types of fries, sushi, burritos, fried rice, guacamole, pizza, burgers, elote (street corn), club sandwiches, tuna w/avocado and grilled chicken, Kung pao chicken, orange chicken, fried chicken, and finally some mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, breakfast potatoes mmm



If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go & with who?

Australia!!! I need to visit Sydney and Rottnest beach. I'd go with Spencer most likely because he's my traveling buddy but if I could go for work that'd be amazing too.



When you aren't modeling, what are you doing?

On my time off I travel, I love going to new places and taking photos of what I see that's different from LA and the U.S. In general, if I'm not traveling I'm perfectly happy cuddling up with my dog watching Netflix eating take out.





 What fashion trends are you most exciting for this fall?

I can't wait to wear my over the knee boots with oversized sweaters and beanies!


We're in love with your insta...what is your secret to the perfect post?

The perfect post should be something you're confident about sharing with the world. Whether it's a picture of you, or food or family and friends, insta is a social media platform that people from all over the world are viewing so I say post with confidence and if I am posting a selfie it's all about lighting, location, and outfit!


What has been your summer song on repeat right now?

I wish I could say a certain song but I've had Views by Drake, Kaytranada and Flume albums on repeat this summer!


What’s next for you? 

I'm really excited to come out in a campaign releasing this September on a secret project I worked on in Paris! ;) Other then that I'm really excited for what the future lies for me.



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Instagram: @SofiaJamora

Photos: Clint Padilla