You love the beach. We also, love the beach. Whether you're in Tahiti inside a cabana or in your own backyard catching a tan at the pool, we want you to look awesome. When you look good, you feel good right? It also feels nice when the boys drool at the beach a lil' bit doesnt it?

When it comes to our products, you want the best? You got it. All of our products are designed in Malibu California and produced in Los Angeles. We've been made in the USA since we began in 2012, and we have never looked back.

Our founder Francesca Aiello leads our company and our team to live the ultimate beach lifestyle that we want everyone to have! Activities from beach days to bring your puppy to work day as well as team workouts (office junk food cheat days of course too). These lead us to think of greater things for you like contests, give aways, beach and workout playlists and more!

We say friends don't let friends do anything average. So friends don't let friends wear average bikinis either.

We'll be by the water, its up to you to come join us!

- Frankies Bikinis Team